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Calaveras, Religion, and Consumerism

Although both of my parents were born in Mexico, I am a first generation American. Growing up with a God-fearing Mexican single mother, who littered our apartment with St. Francis of Assisi statuettes and lacquered wood plaques of the crucifixion, forced me to confront my Mexican cultural heritage while eating Coco Puffs and watching The Smurfs. My mom hung the largest crucifixion image just above the TV as if Jesus were watching, judging, and suffering for my Saturday Morning cartoon choices. I was/am always well aware of my status of sitting on the fence of two cultures. I am tied to both, yet suspicious of each.


The prints on these pages stem from my sarcastic look at Mexican icons and American pop culture. The result are often sardonic investigations into the role of women, Chicano culture, and the American dream using the devices of 1950's American television and advertising.

lino cuts

Calaveras, Religion, and consumerism: B/w Lino Cuts

Calaveras, Religion, and consumerism: Monoprints

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