Los Angeles suffers from split personality disorder---what is often promoted or represented is one highly-curated facet of a complex metropolis.  I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and spent a significant part of my early life navigating the sub/urban Los Angeles landscape on foot or on a bus.  This afforded me the opportunity to connect intimately to places that had significance to myself and my community.  Suffering from a deep nostalgia and longing to preserve these spaces, I find myself going back time and time again to record what is still there. There is beauty and comfort in the mismatched signage, crowded window displays, busy sidewalks, hand-painted murals, and power lines that frame the visual narrative of Los Angeles. The delicate balance between those elements and the natural landscape that surrounds it features prominently in my work.  Most of the trees that have become so distinctively Los Angeles are non-native species that become symbolic of the transplanted population claiming home to a place where they might not have originated from, but are now deeply embedded. A recognizable silhouette continually emerges as palm and cypress trees dot the skyline that frame the structures they surround.


Looking at the world through the lens of a printmaker, I notice how cities are layered spaces where multiple elements interact with one another. Each piece that I work utilizes the language of print to create semi-altered landscapes from existing spaces.  The flexibility of the printmaking medium allows me to combine hand-carved relief prints, screen printed photo-based stencils, collage, and traditional quilting techniques to create multi-layered landscapes. I connect people, architecture and signage with ink, paper, fabric, needle, and thread to illustrate the complexity and beauty of an ever-changing landscape not often seen on postcards and travel brochures.


I am currently an Associate Professor of Art in 2D Foundations and Print Media at California State University Channel Islands in Camarillo, Ca.