Jasmine Delgado is a printmaker, educator, consumer and self proclaimed visual historian living and working in Los Angeles. She has taught Painting, Visual Technologies, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Printmaking with a specialization in Screen Printing at various Southern Californian Colleges. Her cultural background and her obsessive love of Los Angeles signage, architecture and iconography are the basis for her artwork.

Ever since she pulled her first print at a local community college in 1993, she's been a die hard printmaker. Inspired by the generosity of working in multiples, her work soon evolved to include the language of spray paint, stencil and fabric to illustrate the impermanence of the L.A. urban landscape.

Her work is an ongoing process to record that which is always evolving.

Stay tuned!

Newly Completed

Points of Interest

Points of Interest (Downtown Los Angeles)

Lino Cut Collage